"I was looking for someone to help me feel comfortable auditioning for music theatre again, and when I put out feelers, Kristen's name came up multiple times. Her strategies went beyond music instruction and dealt with the psychology of auditioning and how to get out of your head. Without that basic foundation, I wouldn't have been able to focus on my voice and acting, and showing who I really am in the room."

Brittany Bradford, Actor


"Kristen Penner is a very knowledgeable and nurturing teacher! I started off very shy and suffered from stage fright but she created a safe space for me that made me feel comfortable exploring my craft. Her guidance helped me improve greatly and gave me the confidence that I needed to start auditioning."
Kaypree Hodgess, Actor


"Since I began coaching with Kristen, I've been able to handle my anxiety about my acting career much more effectively. She has strategies for everything from creating a manageable to-do list when I'm overwhelmed, to improving my approach for audition songs. Thanks to Kristen, I'm tackling hang-ups that I've had for years, and seeing results in my acting work. And she's so fun and easy to talk to, that I can't wait for my sessions every week."

Melissa Meli, Actor


"Kristen is a great teacher who really cares about her students. She makes herself available for whatever we need. She is very good at noticing what we need to do in a specific day in order to get the most out of us. She never sticks to one method, instead she will adjust things to make sure they are working for the student best. She is great at pushing us in a loving way that makes us want to work harder than we already are. There are times where it feels like Kristen cares as much about my career as she does about her own! Kristen is AMAZING!!"

Caitlin LaBarge, Actor